Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Lilac Memories

Lilac conjures such fond memories for me. My grandmother used to wear a lilac-scented perfume. She would dab some behind her ears every time we prepared to go somewhere. I loved that scent. Before she put the cap back on, she would dab a teeny bit behind each of my ears, too. I felt so grown up!

She also had a beautiful lilac bush in her backyard. It was beside the walkway leading into the back door. You couldn't go into the house in the spring without inhaling its delightful fragrance.

No matter where I have lived as an adult, I always have had at least one lilac growing nearby.

The annual memories evoked by this fleeting fragrance usually inspire a notebook entry about my grandmother. Sometimes that entry takes the shape of a specific memory, the summary of a future storyline in which the character is like my grandmother, or a letter to my grandmother. 

Currently, I am learning more about the generations of women who shaped my grandmother. It is a fascinating study. A story about these strong, amazing women is starting to take shape inside of me. It's time to record their voices, even if it is only for me.

What scents inspire you to create?

Until next time,



  1. Fleeting fragrance... I like how it sounds.

    I think my strongest “scent” memory is my dad’s Old Spice.

    1. I recall my dad's aftershave with such fondness. It is amazing how a simple scent can call forth old memories.

  2. Lilacs! I have almost forgotten their sweet, light, scent of spring. We had two lilac bushes separating our house and the neighbor's house. With the windows open, the scent wafted in. Thank you for rekindling that memory. My mom would cut some and put them in jars, around the house. This was the fanciest we'd get to fresh cut flowers.

    1. What a wonderful treat for you and your neighbor. Thank you for sharing your memories!