Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Students as Teachers

Artful risktakers, joyful creators, confident collaborators...These are all words that describe the students I teach.

When I feel inspiration waning, I step back and watch my students tackle their own projects. They impress me with their ability to let go of the worries and concerns that often plague me. 

They simply create and enjoy the process. 

The act of creating empowers them and grows their confidence.  

My fifth graders are currently designing ceiling tiles as part of a legacy project for the school. They know that these tiles will be on display for everyone to see. 

If I were creating a design for a tile, I would feel incredibly anxious. I would worry over every little detail and try to make sure it is all perfect. I would think about how others would judge it. By the time it was all finished, I would be absolutely exhausted and glad it was over. 

Not my awesome students. They create their designs with confidence. After all, they know everyone will love it.

They proudly show me their drafts and go to work transferring their designs to the tiles. Then they choose their paints and brushes and set to work creating.  

The energy in my classroom is exhilarating. With awe, I watch them work their magic.

Their projects are not finished. Each day they add a little more detail to them, and each day I am amazed and inspired by their creativity and the way they freely share it.

On days like these, I think that I am the student and they are the teachers. How lucky am I to have such great teachers?

May all adults be inspired to create with the freedom and joy of children.

Until next time,


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Lilac Memories

Lilac conjures such fond memories for me. My grandmother used to wear a lilac-scented perfume. She would dab some behind her ears every time we prepared to go somewhere. I loved that scent. Before she put the cap back on, she would dab a teeny bit behind each of my ears, too. I felt so grown up!

She also had a beautiful lilac bush in her backyard. It was beside the walkway leading into the back door. You couldn't go into the house in the spring without inhaling its delightful fragrance.

No matter where I have lived as an adult, I always have had at least one lilac growing nearby.

The annual memories evoked by this fleeting fragrance usually inspire a notebook entry about my grandmother. Sometimes that entry takes the shape of a specific memory, the summary of a future storyline in which the character is like my grandmother, or a letter to my grandmother. 

Currently, I am learning more about the generations of women who shaped my grandmother. It is a fascinating study. A story about these strong, amazing women is starting to take shape inside of me. It's time to record their voices, even if it is only for me.

What scents inspire you to create?

Until next time,


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A Touch of Sun

 I love the sun. Everything it touches seems to take on a new life. Isn't it curious how this interplay of light and shadow can inspire an idea?

Seeing an object through the sun's rays often sparks my imagination. Perhaps the dust motes I see flying through a sunbeam set into motion a story about tiny fairies or pixies, or the sun highlighting a cutout in my dining set encourages me to do some research about the set's origin. 

After a late April snow dropped 2-3 inches overnight, the morning sun  glinted off of all of the trees and created an otherworldly glow all around. I felt as if I had crawled through the wardrobe and into Narnia. It was a beautiful and inspiring scene.
The sun on this lavender garden inspired
me to reflect in my notebook.

I enjoyed creating a lively and imaginative story about this fish with a family member while visiting the zoo. Just look at how the light makes its spots glow!

In what ways might a touch of sun inspire you? I would to read your examples!  

Until next time,


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Small Changes

 Small changes can bring a space to life and encourage new ideas.

My writing space was sparse-a rough, solid wood folding table that belonged to my husband's grandmother, a plastic three drawer organizer, a desk lamp, and various containers filled with pens, pencils, markers, etc. It was functional but not inspirational.

After gathering some things from other areas of my house and adding a lovely, hand-painted postcard from a friend, I am enchanted with the results. The best part is that it did not cost me anything but time.

It is now a space that brings me peace and inspiration. I look forward to sitting down to write each day.

If you do not have a writing/painting/creating space to call your own, I highly recommend creating one in a small area of your home. I am literally in a corner of a room in the front of my house. It is small, cozy, and looks great. I love it!

What small changes can you make to your space today to inspire inspiration?    

Until next time,


Wednesday, April 14, 2021



"How I have walked... day after day, and all alone, to see if there was not something among the old things which was new!" (Thomas Cole)


The way people and ideas connect fascinates me. As a writer, I welcome inspiration in the many ways that it chooses to present itself.

Inspiration is a gift. 

This gift shows up in many forms and many places, often when and where I least expect it, and in the simplest of ways. 

I hope this space helps you connect with your own inspiration. Visit often, relax, and enjoy. I am glad you are here.

Welcome to Glimpsing Inspiration. 

Until next time,